Aircraft Management

Aircraft Management ServicesAircraft Management Services


We continue to serve aviation business professionals - since 1978, with expertise and aircraft management experience and have earned the ARGUS Platinum Level Safety Certification. With our unprecedented expertise and tenure, Northeastern Aviation offers management solutions designed to maximize your aircraft investment. We efficiently manage the daily Operations, Maintenance and Safety of your aircraft. We effectively maximize the return on your investment through our professional Charter Sales & Marketing initiatives.

Northeastern Aviation Corporation’s Aircraft Management Services are tailored to meet the needs of our partners. Our services include:

-Integration into the Northeastern Charter Sales & Marketing initiatives designed to generate aircraft revenue. Our Charter Sales & Marketing department, led by Shawn Felton, is focused on prospecting and lead management through various marketing channels including events and trade shows, customer management communications, online marketing via email, social media and aviation websites, and effectively managing the feedback process.

-24-7 travel planning, flight coordination and client support services.

-Northeastern Maintenance Center services including aircraft inspections, safety, and repairs.

-Maintenance oversight for CAMP and CMP Tracking.

-Analytics and financial reporting to manage and assess aircraft usage, revenue generation & opportunities.

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