The First Office in the Sky

The First Office in the Sky-

Harry L. Ogg Pioneered the Use of Private Aircraft for Business Travel & Launched the First Office in the Sky.

Harry Og built the first office in the skyHarry L. Ogg, from Newtown, Iowa, was the President and Owner of the Automatic Washer Company, a washing machine company that eventually evolved into the well-known, international Maytag Corporation.

As a savvy businessman, Harry Ogg realized the advantages of the airplane in promoting his business. In the summer of 1929 he worked with Travel Air Company to develop a specially equipped cabin monoplane. For Ogg, the Travel Air was a business tool and his office in the sky. He installed several office machines including an Ediphone for dictation, typewriter, office desk, and an interphone that allowed him to talk while in flight with Wilford Gerbracht, his agent and pilot. In addition to Gerbracht, Ogg hired Katherine McBride to be his "aerial secretary."  The plane was named, “Smilin’ Thru.”

Ogg occasionally flew "Smilin’ Thru" with the equipment and seats removed. In their place, he carried up to four washing machines in the cabin to demonstrate and pitch to prospective customers. Travel Air installed a special plug-in power supply circuit that allowed the washing machines to operate during demonstrations on the ground.

Ogg also installed a siren. He would have Gerbracht fly low over a town and operate the Harry Og and his Smilin Thru Crewsiren to draw the attention of the residents. They would then flock to the airport to see what all the commotion was about. That’s when Harry Ogg would unload the washing machines for a demonstration and deliver his sales pitch.

Ogg housed Smilin Thru in a special hangar painted bright orange to match his office in the sky. Ogg spent 2 years at this hangar and, during that time period, flew over 900 hours, carried at least 9,000 people, and flew to 43 of the 48 states in the Union. Harry L. Ogg was a true pioneer of business aviation.

How has Harry L. Ogg’s Vision of Business Aviation Evolved Over the Last 80 Years?

Harry Ogg created an office in the sky that was pivotal in building his business. And he set the stage for the use of private aircraft for business travel.

Northeastern Aviation Office in the SkyToday’s private jet charter companies operate a wide range of aircraft to accommodate regional, national, and international private business charter. They help you decide on aircraft that best meets your business needs. They fly into thousands of airports inaccessible by the large commercial airlines, allowing you to avoid delays and congestion both in the air and on the ground. They will find you the most convenient airports, often landing within minutes of your final destination.

According to the FAA, there are approximately 378 airports that support commercial travel in the US. There are approximately 1,700 US airports that support private jet travel, providing 78% more access to airports that get you closer to your business destination.

When your travel plans take you to foreign locations, private jet charter companies will advise you on all customs and immigration requirements, making your foreign entry and departure smooth and hassle free.

The private jet charter aircraft offers solutions to keep you connected and ensure your travel time is productive. WiFi allows you to maximize the use of your travel time. While you are on your business flight, you can sit back in comfort, hold private meetings at a conference table, enjoy breakfast, lunch or dinner, and prepare for your next meeting. And, if needed, charter teams will ensure you have additional technology to make the private jet your complete office in the sky.

Private charter staff will arrange all business travel plans and concierge services including chauffeured limousines, helicopters, float planes, rental cars, specialty vehicles and hotel and meeting facility accommodations.

So whether you are traveling to a business meeting in China, conducting a financial road show throughout the US, or planning an international tour or concert, the private jet will transform into your office in the sky and optimize your business travel experience.

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